Getting ready for Game 3? Check out these Cleveland Rappers.

It’s Game 3 tonight and the Cavs are 0-2. Now before you laugh in my face, let’s take a moment and remember just one year ago… anything is possible. But I have hope we’re going to win tonight and bounce back just like Big Sean did. But until we know the outcome of the game, … Continue reading Getting ready for Game 3? Check out these Cleveland Rappers.


Artist Spotlight: Token

There is still a divide in hip hop when it comes to rapper's race. So much so that Logic made an entire dedicated to the idea. But if you asked me who the greatest WHITE rapper of all time was, I'd say Token - the 19 year old rapper out of Massachusetts.   Token (Ben Goldberg) … Continue reading Artist Spotlight: Token

Vacations’ More Love: Drake + Sade Mashup

On OVO Sound Radio, Vacations (aka DJ John McSwain) premiered his mashup project featuring Sade and her superfan, Drake. Luckily for us, there wasn't that much Drake on each track.  There are only 5 tracks, but each one is equally beautiful - I mean its Sade's vocals, of course it's great. The first track, 'Can't … Continue reading Vacations’ More Love: Drake + Sade Mashup

The Decline of Marshall Mathers. I've been having a lot of thoughts about Eminem's career lately and I'm not afraid to say that his artistry is gone. 20 years ago, Marshall Mathers released the self-titled album and was just at the beginning of his career. Today I feel as if Eminem is just a nostalgic name in the … Continue reading The Decline of Marshall Mathers.