HIST R&R Project: Week 10 – Poppin’ Bottles and Flashing Diamonds

We’ve come to our final sub-genre, the Rockstars. I saved this genre for last because I have no real opinion about these artists. I enjoy their music if I need a mood upper, or I’m at a bar with my friends, but I don’t take rockstar rappers very seriously because in all honesty, lyricism is dead when it comes to artists like Rae Srummerd, Migos, Machine Gun Kelly and so many others. “Rockstar” rappers as I like to call them, have also recently been classified as “Mumble Rap” – meaning, there is little to no articulation when they are singing/rapping/screaming – whatever they do. 

Rockstar rappers are also very focused on the lifestyle; living a “rich and famous” persona. Usually lots of drugs (marijuana), strippers and stacks of cash are involved on a regular basis. These artists will sometimes rep their city but for the most part, have moved into mansions and drive multiple Bugatti’s. 

It seems these artists are not so focused on the problems they grew up around, instead they want to make as much money as possible and forget everything. Do you blame them? If I could reinvent myself off one song, I totally would. I think that’s what makes these artists so popular though, because their music helps the audience forget their problems for a few minutes. 

Okay, so here are my favorite songs by “rockstar” rappers or mumble rappers or whatever you chose to call them. But remember, this sub-genre does not define us, as Boosie Badazz recently argued.