Introducing The Vault.

Hey everyone! Just a quick message to say thank you for supporting my site and continuing to read the content I am creating. vaulted. as you may know started as a semester project for me and turned into a realization of where my passions truly lie, with music and writing.  The idea surrounding the title … Continue reading Introducing The Vault.


The Vault, Ep 1: Nas’ Illmatic

It's been 23 years since Nas released Illmatic, a life-changing album in my opinion. Each track of this record has passion, depth and carefully executed messages to help portray Nas' thoughts. Not only did this album lay the groundwork for Nas' career, Illmatic spotlighted inner New York city culture.  Out of Harlem, Nas was surrounded by the OG's … Continue reading The Vault, Ep 1: Nas’ Illmatic