Vacations’ More Love: Drake + Sade Mashup

On OVO Sound Radio, Vacations (aka DJ John McSwain) premiered his mashup project featuring Sade and her superfan, Drake. Luckily for us, there wasn't that much Drake on each track.  There are only 5 tracks, but each one is equally beautiful - I mean its Sade's vocals, of course it's great. The first track, 'Can't … Continue reading Vacations’ More Love: Drake + Sade Mashup


The Land.

**Spoilers below** So I'm behind on movies... way behind. The Land was released almost a year and a half ago and I just watched it for the first time tonight. BUT in my defense, it wasn't shown in theaters near me and with classes and work and life, I honestly kind of forgot about it.  … Continue reading The Land.


 Charlamagne’s new book, Black Privilege is 285 pages of pure, almost brutal honesty. While I wouldn’t have expected anything less of the radio host who infamously called Mr. West “Kanye Kardashian”, I applaud his ability to admit his defeats, overcome his downfalls and be open about how they influenced his views and lifestyle today. Cha … Continue reading BLACK PRIVILEGE