Hip Hop Guilty Pleasures

With ten years ago now being 2007, the year I started high school and also the year I really got into hip hop; I thought it would be fun to take a look back at music that is now considered forgotten in the hip hop world.  It seems like there is a constant shift in […]

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Artist Spotlight: Token

There is still a divide in hip hop when it comes to rapper’s race. So much so that Logic made an entire dedicated to the idea. But if you asked me who the greatest WHITE rapper of all time was, I’d say Token – the 19 year old rapper out of Massachusetts.   Token (Ben Goldberg) […]

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Kent Jones, Premaducers

Kent Jones is a GOAT. His new track, ‘Premaducers’ was released to Soundcloud and it’s a track entirely surrounded around sellouts in the industry who are only making money for the easy buck, instead of spending time developing their craft, like Jones says he is. Premaducers proceeds to also spell out the misfortune of getting famous […]

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Music Discovery, May 2017

This month was kind of overwhelming with new music for me. So many artists released new albums (Logic, Bryson Tiller, Gucci Mane, Mark Battles, MGK, Marion White, and of course K-Dot). It’s impressive that I still had time to do some more research into the rap game, but below are my top favorites of those […]

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