#FemaleRapStreamingParty – An Ode to Female Emcees

Last week a hashtag began trending on Twitter entitled ‘#FemaleRapStreamingParty’ geared towards women in hip hop, current and OG. The trend started by user @Wannasworld who for 24 hours, live streamed upcoming female artists and referenced original albums from Queen Latifah and Eve to remind us that “n***as ain’t shit” and women run the world. … Continue reading #FemaleRapStreamingParty – An Ode to Female Emcees


Theory: Who is kiLL edward (KOD)?

With the track list released today for J. Cole's upcoming album KOD, the Cole World community couldn't help but notice the single featured artist...kiLL edward. For pretense, J. Cole is known for going platinum without any features on the studio albums, 2014 Forest Hills Drive and 4 Your Eyez Only; so naturally, when the album … Continue reading Theory: Who is kiLL edward (KOD)?

Creating Modern History through Hip Hop (Full Story)

There is no debate that history happens in time periods. For instance, you have the Ming Dynasty or The Great Depression; and as humans we tend to categorize life events, innovations or war by the decade it happened, rather than by the event itself. For music, we may classify psychedelic music as the 1960s when … Continue reading Creating Modern History through Hip Hop (Full Story)

How I found “God” through Joey BadA$$

There have been two albums released in 2017 that I have listened to religiously, one of them being All AmeriKKKan BadASS (AABA) by Joey BadA$$ - the other SweetSexySavage by my queen Kehlani. Now before I begin this article, I am going to give you a history listen in my spiritual and Church beliefs because … Continue reading How I found “God” through Joey BadA$$

The Decline of Marshall Mathers.

  https://twitter.com/RealLifeKaz/status/866756344258449408 I've been having a lot of thoughts about Eminem's career lately and I'm not afraid to say that his artistry is gone. 20 years ago, Marshall Mathers released the self-titled album and was just at the beginning of his career. Today I feel as if Eminem is just a nostalgic name in the … Continue reading The Decline of Marshall Mathers.