The Power of the Bucket Hat

 Since the birth of hip hop out of the Bronx in the late 1970s, fashion has always been intertwined with artists; connecting them further with their audience and helping to solidify who they are as a brand. N.W.A. created a phenomenon by wearing Raiders' jerseys and Adidas classics, MC Hammer made parachute pants cool and LL … Continue reading The Power of the Bucket Hat


Mr. Dynamic: The Rise of James Brown

On September 1st, Netflix released a documentary detailing the life and musical career of the legendary James Brown.  The Soul / Funk icon began his career in Bobby Byrd's blues / swing band after being released on parole, and quickly fell in love with big band. The use of the brass instrumentation was loud and … Continue reading Mr. Dynamic: The Rise of James Brown

Celebrating 25 Years of Def Comedy Jam

 Russell Simmons grew up in Queens, around the changing culture from disco to hip hop of the late 1970s and into the the breakdancing phenomenon of the 1980s. From then forward, Simmons emerged himself in urban culture; in gangs and hip hop.  In 1984, Def Jam was created by Russel Simmons and Rick Ruban to … Continue reading Celebrating 25 Years of Def Comedy Jam


 Charlamagne’s new book, Black Privilege is 285 pages of pure, almost brutal honesty. While I wouldn’t have expected anything less of the radio host who infamously called Mr. West “Kanye Kardashian”, I applaud his ability to admit his defeats, overcome his downfalls and be open about how they influenced his views and lifestyle today. Cha … Continue reading BLACK PRIVILEGE