Show & Prove: An Interview with Austin Artist Tee-Double

Today I sat down with local Austin artist, Tee-Double, who has spent more than twenty years in the music industry. As a rapper from the "Live Music Capital of the World", Tee-Double has spent his time growing relationships with other individuals in the industry to help him sustain a healthy career, by not only releasing … Continue reading Show & Prove: An Interview with Austin Artist Tee-Double


Artist Spotlight: Token

There is still a divide in hip hop when it comes to rapper's race. So much so that Logic made an entire dedicated to the idea. But if you asked me who the greatest WHITE rapper of all time was, I'd say Token - the 19 year old rapper out of Massachusetts.   Token (Ben Goldberg) … Continue reading Artist Spotlight: Token

Artist Spotlight: Jack Freeman

*quick moral of the following story* if you aren’t sure who a feature artist is, LOOK THEM UP, because they may just turn out to be fantastic. spotify:artist:0sQ5GaIilKYSsvYlXSgEcl I was giving Lorraine Motel a millionth-time listen and realized I had no idea who the artist featured on two tracks of Kyleon’s 2017 record was. Luckily … Continue reading Artist Spotlight: Jack Freeman

Music Discovery, April 2017

YALLL April was a huge month for the Hip Hop world. By now I would assume everyone has heard DAMN., All AmeriKKKan Bada$$, and the few songs Logic dropped to promote Everybody.  Not to mention, Jacob Banks, Big Boi, DJ Khaled and Mary J Blige all released music. THERE WAS TOO MANY RELEASES to be … Continue reading Music Discovery, April 2017