Hey there,  welcome to vaulted., my site where I write about the music world – particularly the Hip Hop world. I am (sometimes) overly passionate about music that speaks to me and lyrics that teach me something, so I began this site to help me better my writing skill (outside of a college classroom) and really focus on portraying my opinion to an audience. 

Today, vaulted. has evolved to remember the hip hop greats while also giving exposure to upcoming (underground) artists. I believe that mainstream fads are undoubtedly oversaturated, so I am more interested in the hard-working people out there trying to leave their mark on this world without giving in to the trap and mumble rap black hole to make a quick buck.

-Sara ( @sara_loretta )


    //     Cleveland native, quite proud 

    //     Current favorite artist: Dave East

    //     Favorite 90’s song: I Gave You The Power (NAS)

    //     Favorite 2000’s song: Roses (Kanye West)

    //     First rap song ever heard: My Band (D12)… yes judge me hard. 


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