Hip Hop Guilty Pleasures

With ten years ago now being 2007, the year I started high school and also the year I really got into hip hop; I thought it would be fun to take a look back at music that is now considered forgotten in the hip hop world. 

It seems like there is a constant shift in what is popular in rap, and as of lately we’re seeing the mumble rap phase – where artists are not stretching their vocabulary or even utilizing articulation. But this isn’t new so to say. In the early 2000s RNB and dance rap was all the rage; artists like Young Joc, Soulja Boy and others were creating hits that promoted sexual tension between lovers and dance tracks. 

Looking back, this is really where hip hop and pop music started to intertwine and expand the genres historical barriers. However, most of these artists failed to extend their careers, and leaving the world with usually 1-3 albums before falling to the wayside. I mean do you know what MiMS is doing today? Me either. It is not a surprise that most artists become nostalgic or more simply a “One Hit Wonder” in rap because they did not have a natural gift to really hone in on their craft; but that does not mean we can’t enjoy the one or two tracks we did receive. 

So here is a look at some of my favorite tracks from 2000-today. This playlist includes artists from Akon (my favorite guilty pleasure) to Soulja Boy to Estelle. 




Photo courtesy of Youtube. 


2 thoughts on “Hip Hop Guilty Pleasures

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