Getting ready for Game 3? Check out these Cleveland Rappers.

It’s Game 3 tonight and the Cavs are 0-2. Now before you laugh in my face, let’s take a moment and remember just one year ago… anything is possible. But I have hope we’re going to win tonight and bounce back just like Big Sean did.

But until we know the outcome of the game, here are a few Cleveland rappers to keep you cheering for Believeland and not for those other dudes.

Kipp Stone

As an East Cleveland native, Kipp Stone encompasses catchy beats with a “Chopper rap” lyrical style, a technique created in the Midwest and utilized by groups like Tech N9NE.

Ripp Flamez

Can you say 21 Savage squad? Flamez’ most popular song came after the first ever Cavaliers 2016 win (and Cleveland’ first championship in 54 years) – Lebron Flamez, which is clearly a tribute to the King. However, Flamez is very much a mumble rapper, so his style is an acquired taste for some.

Mathaius Young

While more R&B, Young is a Cleveland native who has released a handful of albums. If you are a fan of 6LACK, you’ll definitely add Mathaius to that same playlist.


Making his acting debut in The Land (directed by Nas), Ezzy portrays a teen who gets caught up selling drugs in the east side of Cleveland. Premiered at Sundance, the young rapper also had the opportunity to be on the soundtrack for the film, which has attributed to his local celebrity.


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