Artist Spotlight: Token

There is still a divide in hip hop when it comes to rapper’s race. So much so that Logic made an entire dedicated to the idea. But if you asked me who the greatest WHITE rapper of all time was, I’d say Token – the 19 year old rapper out of Massachusetts. 

 Token (Ben Goldberg) began battle rapping at 14 and won several rounds before releasing his first hit “No Sucka MCs” to Youtube. Upon gaining a social media presence, Token has developed content for a younger crowd, including a song (below) dedicated to the repercussions of bullying. 

His rap style is focused on first experiences as a young adult. His debut album, Eraser Shavingsand what is beautiful about this album is each track actually feels real, instead of fictitious events that could potentially be related to a group of kids out of the suburbs trying to live gangster lifestyles or as trap rockstars. Token has also transferred his ability to perfectly articulate each word of his vocabulary from the Battle Ring into a produced record, which in my opinion is hard to perfect (see The Decline of Marshall Mathers). 

Another applaudable characteristic of the young Boston rapper is his involvement with his fans. 

Token isn’t afraid to be human with his followers, and as an artist showing the ups are just as important as showing the downs sometimes, because we all go through the same shit, and in some instances, new music is released to help deal with the negativity. 

His latest single, ‘New Problems’ was released before Memorial Day weekend to prove that success isn’t always pretty. Instead anyone who has the ability to rise up is faced with rumors, untrustworthy friends, threats, multiple creative outlets and temporary love with fans. 

Listen to ‘New Problems’ below and follow Token on Twitter @tokenhiphop


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