Vacations’ More Love: Drake + Sade Mashup


On OVO Sound Radio, Vacations (aka DJ John McSwain) premiered his mashup project featuring Sade and her superfan, Drake. Luckily for us, there wasn’t that much Drake on each track. 

There are only 5 tracks, but each one is equally beautiful – I mean its Sade’s vocals, of course it’s great. The first track, ‘Can’t Cherish Everything’, pulls from ‘Cherish the Day’ and doesn’t introduce Drake until the very end of the song with lyrics from ‘Can’t Have Everything’. This track was blended so organically, if you weren’t a fan of either of these artists, you probably wouldn’t know it was a mashup. 

The second track, ‘Get It Together, Give It Up’ has a funky (not fresh) 90’s dance instrumental mixed with African drums and trumpets. Once the vocals start, the song isn’t terrible – but it’s definitely not a banger compared to the first track.

‘Gyalskin’  is the third track is my favorite. There’s an equal mix of trap beats and smooth listening R&B. I would have this on a late-night listening playlist next to artists like 6LACK and Phora. 

The final two tracks incorporate new Drake tracks like Passionfruit and Free Smoke (an  outrageously remixed song) and Sade’s ‘Lover’s Rock’ and ‘I Never Thought I’d See the Day’. 

Overall, this mixtape was actually pretty solid. Sade has always been one of the few female vocalists that I like, and well Drake is Drake. I have mixed feelings about his artistry but he does know how to sell records (or playlists as he called More Life). 

Check out the mixtape here: More Love (Drake + Sade Mashup) – you can also download Vacations’ mashup of the artists to listen until your heart’s content. 


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