Music Discovery, May 2017

This month was kind of overwhelming with new music for me. So many artists released new albums (Logic, Bryson Tiller, Gucci Mane, Mark Battles, MGK, Marion White, and of course K-Dot). It’s impressive that I still had time to do some more research into the rap game, but below are my top favorites of those I found. Enjoy! 

ODDISEE (81K Subscribers) 

The Washington D.C. lyricist is also apart of a few rap groups (Diamond District and Low Budget Crew). His use of underground/boom bap instrumentals allows him to accentuate his impressive articulation. 

PHORA (393K Subscribers)

Phora is a 22 year old R&B artist out of California. His slow-grind flows take inspiration from the likes of Bryson Tiller and Joyner Lucas to create tracks that can be put on during a late night drive or mixed in on a playlist with other mind-opening artists. 

Apollo Brown (81K Subscribers)

Native to Michigan, Apollo Brown is also on the Mellow Music Group label with Oddisee. Similarly, Brown incorporates 90s hip hop influences into his vocals and instrumentals, and in the song below he surprisingly uses a DJ scratch deck (a very rare technique in hip hop mainstream today). 

TALIB KWELI (32K Subscribers)

Okay so the best part of starting to really get into your preferred genre of music is that you come across artists who may not have a huge social media presence so you think they are underground or new, then you find out that you actually uncovered a hip hop legend – that’s Talib Kweli. Originally in Black Star, Kweli has been in the rap game for almost 20 years and from his most recent album (The Seven) he’s not going anywhere. 


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