The Decline of Marshall Mathers.


I’ve been having a lot of thoughts about Eminem’s career lately and I’m not afraid to say that his artistry is gone. 20 years ago, Marshall Mathers released the self-titled album and was just at the beginning of his career. Today I feel as if Eminem is just a nostalgic name in the game of Hip Hop. 

Now before I enrage you any further, let me explain where I believe his career took a turn for the worst. 

I think I’ve made my point, but if you want me to explain further…well okay here goes. Eminem if you didn’t know started as a battle rapper on the streets of Detroit before being discovered by Dr. Dre and getting a record deal. That was the first problem. Now, that does not mean Eminem did not deserve the fame that quickly came from the deal, but I think it softened his art because he now would have to record over tracks and re-record until each line felt perfect. Unlike in battle rap rings, where he would drop quick disses about the person in front of him or respond with his immediate reaction to a previous verse spit by his battle predecessor. 

Moving throughout his next records, Eminem lost the natural pain he felt from his mother, his financial struggles and the anger he had toward his father and Hailey’s mom (Kim). Instead, like many artists, he recreated those feelings to progress his career, falsifying his authentic stance as an inner-city rapper. 

On ‘The Eminem Show’, most tracks have a catchy beat and in my opinion it was for us – the white hip hop audience. Historically, Eminem has been the only top white rapper with impeccable articulation and frankly the same skin color, making him relatable and easily an idol to try and recreate.


Over his handful of album releases, Eminem supported a plethora of artist features from Dido to Rihanna and Dr. Dre to Skylar Grey. However, songs like ‘Love The Way You Lie’ and ‘Lose Yourself’ helped transform Eminem into a household name, as he became a radio rapper and early 2000s movie icon because of 8 Mile.

But since those hits, what has Eminem realllly done. In my opinion Marshall Mathers has become irrelevant to the rap game. His content isn’t fresh and sounds forced for the audience.

Eminem will be apart of the new Dr. Dre documentary series on HBO, set to premier this July; see the trailer below.

Tell me what you think, feel free to Twitter attack me @sara_loretta


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