Introducing The Vault.

Hey everyone! Just a quick message to say thank you for supporting my site and continuing to read the content I am creating. vaulted. as you may know started as a semester project for me and turned into a realization of where my passions truly lie, with music and writing. 

The idea surrounding the title of my site stemmed from the Disney Vault – the process in which the company will shelve certain movies and after so many years bring them back remastered. So for vaulted. I wanted to do something similar but with albums – introduce to my reader either albums that are older (i.e. 1990s) or ones that may have been forgotten about and spend time analyzing the lyrical content, where we were in the world when the album released and finally looking at if the album has any influence in the industry today. 

I plan to introduce one record a month and spend a few posts discussing the development and reactions to the artist’s project and create conversation surrounding the album. 

As always, I hope you are enjoying vaulted. and I loving hearing your feedback! Follow me on Twitter (@sara_loretta) or shoot me a quick message through the Contact Forum above. 




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