Tory Lanez, Out of Center (ft. Dave East)

I think I’m finally on the Tory Lanez train.

On Monday night, a new track surfaced featuring my current rapper obsession, Dave East – a Harlem native, XXL Freshman and Nas protege. The track is only available on Soundcloud and Youtube (which has been uploaded by everyone but Lanez) but is pure gold. I would assume this track is going to be on the next album Tory Lanez puts out, as it’s rumored he is working on one, but there have been a plethora of random singles and remixes being released over the past few weeks so who knows, maybe this was just a fun side project.

What we do know is that Dave East is an admirer of Tory Lanez and has mentioned him in a handful of songs. Lyrics like “I’ll f*ck your girl to a Tory Lanez song”  is just one example. 

I really enjoyed the flow of this song even though the content isn’t anything new from each artist. Tory Lanez and Dave East are very much on the “gangsta rap” spectrum and so they are usually discussing guns and women, “‘Cause she the sweetest Puerto-Rican / Creepin’ freakin’ for sure we creepin’ / Keep it on the low / She know my BM in my DM, uh.” (is BM code for Baby Mama?, someone fill me in) 

The beat for Out of Center is basically baby-making music and organically mingles with the vocals, something I think not all artists are good at. There is no push and pull trying to hear vocals over the instrumental and vice versa. 

While the track isn’t a game changer for the hip hop world, I support this collab 100%, I think this track will bring more exposure to Dave East and finally propel his career towards a much deserved credit. 

View the track here, 



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