4 Your Eyez Only, Documentary

I was unable to see 4 Your Eyez Only when it originally aired on HBO, but thanks to the wonderful people over at Dreamville the full 48 minute documentary has been uploaded to Youtube so everyone can be enlightened by the mind of Jermaine aka J. Cole. 

The documentary showcases many people and their stories from Atlanta to Ferguson to Jonesboro, as the camera seamlessly transitions into J. Cole himself singing each song off of 4YEO, as if that exact story just told to Cole inspired the track he was singing. I wouldn’t put it past him though, J. Cole as a rapper is insightful, he’s a researcher and an informer, but most importantly when Cole is just Jermaine, he is compassionate and empathetic. 

As Jermaine visits different individuals, he is learning about history, personal strength and spiritual guidance. However, you can see that he is soaking in all of the information he can to perhaps better himself and allow us to really see the other side of our cities. 

See the film for yourself here, 


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