Logic’s EVERYBODY dropped yesterday and is rumored to be Logic’s final album. He wrote to his fans saying “I now know that god has called me here in these ultra insane times of today, not to make 85 million albums about nothing and coast through this life with regret…” Now that’s not an official statement that says “I’m done” but the letter in itself is applaudable, I think it’s hard for an artist to define the length of their careers to screaming fans, including the hardcore Rat Pack ones. 

I’ve been on the Logic train for a few years and have always been impressed with Logic’s movement of Peace, Love & Positivity. He has never been a rapper about pussy, money or weed, nor has he dabbled into gangsta rap bars, so this album came as a shock to me – specifically the songs that had not been pre-released. 

I’ve listened to EVERYBODY a few times through now…listening to just the lyrics and just the beats, but I will say I don’t think both exactly complimented each other. 


Logic did however make an album for every one in the hip hop world. EVERYBODY included songs about race (Black Spiderman), religion (Hallelujah / Waiting Room), gangsta (Killing Spree) and even a shoutout to break dancing through the beat of (America). Do these songs all belong together on an album though? No. 

Do I think Logic failed us? Absolutely not. Logic has always had the intent to bring awareness and open more minds through his music. He has never made music just to make music. I don’t think we’ve ever gotten an album that includes dialogue surrounding reincarnation and how each time we are reborn the intent to each us something new. Even if you don’t believe in god or are spiritual the message is still the same, every experience teaches us something and in order to learn we must open our minds to hearing other opinions and appreciating our differences. 

This album is incredible regardless, even if you aren’t apart of the Rat Pack fandom, I do believe you should take some time and really give EVERYBODY a chance. Who knows, you might find something that speaks to you. 

My favorite songs: Everybody, Anziety & AfricAryaN