Music Discovery, April 2017

YALLL April was a huge month for the Hip Hop world. By now I would assume everyone has heard DAMN., All AmeriKKKan Bada$$, and the few songs Logic dropped to promote Everybody. 

Not to mention, Jacob Banks, Big Boi, DJ Khaled and Mary J Blige all released music. THERE WAS TOO MANY RELEASES to be totally honest, so I’m surprised that I somehow also had time to come across new artists. There are only a couple, but these artists below are definitely worth checking out. 

Dave East (14,133 subscribers)

Despite having over 2 million views on his collaboration with A$AP Ferg, Dave East is a respectably mellow artist. His hype comes through his art – rapping. He is not a visual artist, one reason there are only two videos on his Youtube channel, yet he has millions of plays on Spotify. I wouldn’t say Dave East has a specific style, but he definitely has some Gangsta Rap influences. His latest record, Kairi Chanel, has incredible story telling attached to each track, Keisha being my favorite. 

Syd (30,000 subscribers)

PHEW GIRL. That’s all I have to say. So crazy story, I actually found Syd (tha Kyd) through a commercial promoting her new album. She’s associated with groups like Odd Future and has a classic R&B voice that is mixed with offset beats. Syd’s voice is masked by the instrumentals, but the style is almost a way for her to say “I’m quiet but I can do you dirty”. Her recent project, Fin, is a soundtrack to all the sexy girls in the back who don’t need to be in the spotlight to shine.

Kyle Bent (14,864 subscribers)

I suppose you could say Kyle is a mumble rapper, he definitely utilizes loud vocals instead of articulation in most songs, but hey aren’t most rappers these days doing that? I still think he’s great and is an artist I listen to as I drive.  


UGH A$AD is just good. He’s an R&B artist that doesn’t have a definitive Youtube channel, but his audio has been upload through other user accounts. He is on Spotify and his music is similar to the King, Bryson Tiller. I definitely recommend A$AD if you need a late-night listen. 



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