The Search for Everything 

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John Mayer’s much anticipated album, The Search For Everything officially dropped at midnight (4/14) even though much of the album was released over the past months. Why Mayer decided to do this, I am unsure, but I was less-hyped for the album as I had already formed an opinion on 60% of the album. However, John Mayer has been an artist I continually go back too, that I listen to on a rainy day or while I’m cooking. His music has always put a smile on my face when No Such Thing or XO comes on through shuffle. But I think I have been craving more from him, to have a deeper connection to one of his songs than just connecting through a subtle love ballad.

That’s where my disappointment comes into play. This album is historic John Mayer, a few great guitar riffs, simple choruses and the same language across the board. The song, Still Feel Like Your Man, Mayer sings “I still keep your shampoo in the shower”…making me instantly think of City Love, “She keeps a toothbrush at my place” as if he needs to validate to his audience that he is alone, but wait I thought John was Perfectly Lonely and didn’t need a mate?

The biggest issue I have with this album though is its flow. The Search For Everything tracks do not blend well in the order they are recorded – I’m not sure if this was intentional, but the way the tracks are laid out remind me more of a greatest hits record. Where instead the best songs highlight the artist’s career instead of presenting new material.

There were a few songs, like Roll it On Home, that I believe should have been released on a previous album (Paradise Valley). This album could very well be just a compilation of songs he has previously recorded and never used, and is using to find himself artistically (hence the title). That’s my verdict.

I will say my favorite tracks off the album are; Moving On and Getting Over, Helpless, and Love on the Weekend.