Black SpiderMan

Logic released the song and video to Black SpiderMan tonight, from his upcoming sophomore album, Everybody. And it is becoming increasingly apparent that this album is not just a chance for Bobby to speak about his bi-racial identity but a chance for him to approach diversity as a whole. Black SpiderMan is a choir-filled, dancing in the street melody that should bring you nothing but happiness when you listen to the track. The video reminded me of Pharrell’s Happy, its feel good and well happy, as it should be. Logic is producing content to celebrate being human, no matter what race or color or religion or gender you are.  We’re just people who live our lives despite struggle or success. The extended harmonies by Damian Lemar Hudson are just the beginning of what’s to come. You can feel this song, like you’re in a church and the choir is singing within you, not at you.

With two songs from the album now released, I can definitely say this album is a game changer for the industry. We are starting to see a shift of artists creating albums that create awareness, meant to make the audience actually think about the world around them, instead of just enjoying a good beat. Lyrics are human and Bobby Tarantino is throwing fire at us whether you’re ready or not.