Music Discovery, March 2017

I am regularly coming across new music and I when I find an artist that is life-changing I want to scream to the world and make everyone love them as much as I do. But, sometimes that’s not possible. SO I am going to start doing a monthly “favorites” type article that highlights new artists i’ve found. 

I usually find artists through Youtube. I start with one artist and utilize the recommendation sidebar, and before you know it you’re two hours deep into shit you’ve never heard and names you’ve never seen. That’s where the magic happens. 

March was particularly fun because SXSW happened and I came across artists, like Durand Jones who’s soulful sound gave me feel and feel, well until the drunk girl in front of me fell and broke my friend’s phone. 

I also had the incredible opportunity to see Jacob Banks perform at the Fader setup. He opened for my favorite London lady, Little Simz. 

Okay, Youtube time. Now these artists aren’t in any kind of order, but this first artist has grown on me a ridiculous amount, and I even got my friend to jump on the wagon. 

Mick Jenkins (80k subscribers)

His latest project, The Healing Component was released back in 2016 and is pure gold. Jenkins is a lyricist who dedicated 15 tracks to talking about love and life. His sound is a blend of articulation and rnb feel flows that impose late night listening sessions, that I myself have taken part in multiple times.  

OMEN (3k subscribers)

Omen is another lyricist that i’m drooling over. I suppose you could classify him a little boom-bap mixed with soul vibes, but his “sound” isn’t categorical, instead his language and vocabulary in every song is what should be focused on, because his flows are genius. 

NF (416k subscribers)

I’m still unsure about NF, but there are a few songs that I can say with certainty I really like (like below). He reminds me too much of Machine Gun Kelly in how he yells into the mic during his flows and it just doesn’t feel authentic. I am seeing him next week here in Austin, so maybe my opinion will change. I feel like NF is going to be one of those artists that I like more live than recorded (which is totally fine by me). 

Kemba (8k subscribers)

Man when I first heard the audio from this video, I instantly stopped to watch it. This is culture rap. This is truth. Kemba is a Bronx rapper who understands that hip hop can still be used an outlet to discuss problems we face in the United States.  

That’s it for now, I hope you take a moment to check out these incredible artists and it reminds you that hip hop isn’t dead; that it’s okay that the same message is portrayed (because we clearly didn’t listen the first time) and remember that mumble rap doesn’t have to define us.

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