Best Soundtracks for Studying

If you didn’t know, I’m a full time student, pizza eating extraordinaire and music lover. So between taking a full load of classes (21 hours) and working full time and constantly consuming melted cheese, I sometimes need focus music to help me stay awake during my late night cram sessions (which I don’t recommend). While I don’t have a preference for what I study too, I do tend to lean towards instrumental tracks so I’m not focusing so much on lyrics but instead can use it as white noise and zone out. However, don’t doubt that I wont through some Future on while I make flashcards or am posting on my project blog for my Rock N Roll class. 

giphy (1).gif

1 – Schindler’s List


2 – Creed

3 – Hart’s War


4 – Nocturnal Animals

5 – St. Elmo’s Fire


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